After few weeks of preparation, many meetings, hours spent on researching, facing technical difficulties, unexpected turns in development of our ideas and putting everything together our exhibition is over!

I feel that it went very well. On the first day, before opening, we faced few technical difficulties, so it was a bit stressful but we managed to get everything solved and running nice and smoothly fr the visitors. Maybe we didn’t have a huge amount of people coming to see our work, it was roughly about 25 to 30 people but as it was our first ever site exhibition, and we didn’t actually have that much time to prepare it, I think it was a success anyway.

In my opinion each one of us responded to the space very well, all of in a completely different way. Nevertheless all of the pieces worked together really well making one big piece. Some of the final ideas were different to what there was planned. For example, Rachel’s idea for the wallpaper didn’t happen due to a cost of printing. Basing on the same intention of highlighting the decay, she now decided to put frames in the spots which normally would be hidden. It was to catch viewers’ attention and make them think about what they believe art actually is. Does putting the frame on the wall make the piece inside of it art? I think it’s a very interesting idea. Rebecca’s piece has changed as well. She used her backup idea of the letters and referring to the past of the building. She placed her piece very close to mine so I think that also worked really well as we both responded to the history of the building. Stewards idea stayed nearly the same to the original one, the only thing which has changed was a location of it. He used the main room instead of the back room, so the final effect was much better as well. Everyone who came to see the exhibition was very impressed with his piece, and personally I think it was the best part of it.

The only thing which went wrong was the fact that we didn’t have booklets ready on time so we needed to print them out during the first day of the exhibition. It also happened, that when Stewart went to print them out, our lecturers came to see the exhibition so Stewart wasn’t there to talk about his piece of work as they were looking at it. He managed to come back before they left so the lecturers got to see the booklets. They said that the fact that Stewart wasn’t thee is not going to affect his mark but we all felt very guilty and we all take equal responsibility for what happened.

As a group I think we worked very well. We helped each other out as much as we could, in every matter: development of ideas and process of making, preparing and putting the actual exhibition up. We had few group meetings which most of us attended, and they always were rich in new ideas. It was a pleasure to work with my group!

Here are some photos and videos