Today I went to the shop to get a curtain pole for hanging my fabric. It was rather difficult to find one which will be long enough as the distance between the two walls is equal to 3 meters 22 centimetres. Although I managed to find one which was extendable up to 3 meters 80 centimetres I faced some difficulties I didn’t think of before. When I went to buy the stuff, one of the staff member was very helpful and was advising me on how to mount everything so it doesn’t fall off etc. He made me realise that I will have a one big problem which is the relation between the length of the pole and the weight of the fabric. For my project to work I would need a support in the middle of the pole, otherwise everything will just end up on the floor as my fabric is too heavy. So t solve that, there was two different solutions. Either one, to screw a supporting holder to the ceiling in the middle point between the walls or have a pole supporting it from the bottom in the same spot. Unfortunately none of these ideas could actually work. Option with screwing anything to the ceiling would fail as the ceiling there looks rather loose, there’s an actual hole in the middle of the room with pieces of ceiling hanging off. The other idea would ruin my shadow theatre as I would have that straight pole going through the middle of the screen. I could use it as a part of my project but I can’t really see it working. So I came up with an idea of changing a spot for my piece of work. Instead of using the entrance hall I will use the disabled toilet situated also in the front of the house – door opposite the entrance door. So it still stays as a first piece of work in the exhibition, but now instead of looking at it straight away, the viewer will be able to explore it him/herself. I am actually very happy with my new location as there’s more aspects I have a clear idea for and I know how I want them to look like.

First of all, my project is about history. As we all know, typically to find any historical information we need to look for them in the books. I thought I can use the fact that there’s a door there and opening the door could be a metaphor for opening the book. It will give an interesting aspect to the piece and will engage the viewers a bit more as they actually need to discover the piece themselves. Second god thing about this space is the size of it. It is not as tall as the other space, therefore, I’m not going to lie, it will be easier to fill the space up and hang the piece. I mean the height of the room is exactly the same but the door is much smaller so I can use the wall to mount my piece of work.

I also think I know now how I want my piece to look like. As the space is vertical direction I could use four different frames from the lamp shade and on each of them I could show different moment in time. Each row would represent a different purpose of the space, going from the bottom row as the oldest one, to the top circle as the newest.

Here’s the photo of my space: